Clearly, our goal is to provide the highest level of services possible for our recurring residential and light commercial clients. We allocate our time and resources to honor those appointments and enjoy those relationships.

We also know there are those of you who need the occasional one-time cleaning for a special event. If you are selling or buying a home, the house might need a thorough deep clean before realtor showings  or when moving in or out. We want to be there for you, too. If there’s a way for us to make that happen, we would be delighted to help.

Here’s what we would need from you to partner on this type of project:


1. Be within approx. a 30-minute drive of our office at 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.. Move In Move Out Cleaning Minneapolis MN

2. Best time to clean for a move in/out is when the house is sold and empty. Everything has been moved out and all cupboards, fridge and closets are empty.

3. Cleaning for a showing or before hosting guests? Let us help you sell/rent faster and for more $!  We recommend a one time deep cleaning to get everything fresh and shiny for sharing your lovely home!   Move In Move Out Cleaning Minneapolis MN

4. Need a cleaning before the first showing or just looking for a deep cleaning for the home you live in? It is best to have the house to ourselves without competition for space or activity from other vendors. For showing/deep cleans, we don’t clean inside the fridge, oven, or the inside of cupboards, drawers or closets.  Move In Move Out Cleaning Minneapolis MN

5. The best time in all situations is to have us come in LAST—after all other vendors have completed their work (windows, construction, painting and other types of cleaning). With perfect timing, we can leave your house spotless with no dirty footprints or smudges from other workers.

6. Other vendors would clean up after themselves. We don’t clean up debris from renovation work like drywall, ceilings, brick work, etc. We also don’t clean up after fire, in “trash” houses, “hoarder” houses, or homes with pest or other hazards.

7. We reserve the right to decline or postpone the job if we find any of these circumstances upon arrival:

  • If there are people still working or moving furniture, appliances, boxes, etc.
  • If there appears to be harmful mold or any kind of biohazards (feces, needles, etc.).
  • If it’s the type of clean that will put excessive wear and tear on our equipment or put us at risk. This includes hoarder or trash houses or something similar. There are special hazardous or commercial cleaners that can tackle this type of work for you.

About Our Pricing (4-hour minimum per standard cleaning; 8-hour minimum per move in/out cleaning)

  • non-refundable down payment, paid in advance, to hold your time slot
  • $/hour/cleaner

Example: 3 cleaners for 1 hour = 3 billable hours; 2 cleaners for 1 hour = 2 billable hours; 1 cleaner for 1 hour = 1 billable hour

Typically we do one-time cleanings on a time budget, up to 20 billable hours. We ask for a list of highest to lowest priority. We will clean based on your priorities until the allotted time has been filled. Sometimes, not everything gets cleaned, but you’ll have your most important areas looking great!

We know you’re planning for something exciting, and all of us at Angie My Cleaner wish you the best! If all this sounds like something that could work for you, please check with us to see if we have availability to manage your one-time clean! If not, we may have a great referral for you, so it doesn’t hurt to check either way. ?

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