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We do one-time cleanings on a time budget, set by YOU.  Typically these are up to 20 billable man hours. We ask you to make us a list of highest to lowest priority. We will clean based on your priorities until the allotted time has been filled. Sometimes, not everything gets cleaned if theres not enough time in the budget, but you’ll have your most important areas looking great!

About Our Pricing 

We have a minimum of 4 hours for all one time cleans


Example: 3 cleaners for 1 hour = 3 billable “man hours”; 2 cleaners for 1 hour = 2 billable “man hours”; 1 cleaner for 1 hour = 1 billable “man hour”.

Cleaning Time Estimates

Regular Cleaning: has been cleaned in the last 1-4 weeks, includes only partial rotation of deep clean items in need.

Deep Cleaning: has not been cleaned for 1-6 months (6-12 months of no cleaning is typically closer to move in/out timing, and 12 months + can be even longer than move in/out timing).

Move In/Out Cleaning: includes all regular cleaning and deep cleaning tasks as well as inside cupboards, shelves, drawers, closets.

*Inside Fridge/Freezer and Inside Oven can be easily added on to any of the above cleans as well.

Note: All of these times are general estimates! Timing varies depending on:

  • Amount of build-up
  • Amount of activity in the home
  • Time from last detail cleaning
  • Features of the room; type of furniture, stone, glass, shelving, detail items, etc.
  • Possible additional time if we are opening and cleaning inside window sills/doing blinds (weather permitting)

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