Typical Services Provided at a Regular Cleaning Visit

  • Spotlessly clean bathrooms, including toilets, showers, sinks, floors, fixtures, mirrors and surface cleaning of tile and grout.
  • Thoroughly clean break room/kitchens, including microwave, countertops, sink, cupboard fronts, appliances, tables, chairs and floors
  • Clean, dust, vacuum (and mop if hard floor) all offices, lobbies, meeting rooms, studio rooms, etc. Commercial Cleaning Minneapolis Minnesota
  • We discuss all typical and requested services in detail to make sure you receive exactly the services you value most.  We want our cleaning services to be one of your best decisions!

We’ll Be There

At Angie My Cleaner, we’ll honor your scheduled time and provide a high standard of cleaning with every visit.

We’ll Be Eco-Friendly

We use non-toxic, chemical-free, organic products to clean your home safely and effectively. Commercial Cleaning Minneapolis Minnesota

We’ll Make It Right

If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason, call us. We’ll come back and make it right. If you’re still unhappy, we’ll give you your money back—and even throw in a big hug!

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