Unveiling the Magic of Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Recent Customer Testimonials

Welcome to Angie My Cleaner, where our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning goes hand-in-hand with delivering exceptional results. But don’t just take our word for it; let our satisfied customers share their experiences of sparkling homes!

Customer Testimonials:

  1. Incredibly Professional Service: A Dream-Clean Home “OH MY GOODNESS!!! They have come twice to clean our house, and I have never been so impressed! They were incredibly professional, super kind to my 10-month-old who was crawling around despite my best efforts to keep him occupied, and sooo thorough!!! It felt like walking through a dream around the house once they were done. I couldn’t recommend them more!!”


  1. Sage and Ana: A Seamless Cleaning Experience “I thought Sage and Ana did a great job. They were very organized and methodical in the process of cleaning my home. They were not at all bothered by my pup Rocky. They stepped around him when he moved to avoid the vacuum, but I never sensed that his presence was a problem.”


  1. Fantastic Cleaning: Everything’s Spotless “They have done fantastic. Everything is really clean, and we like the updates on the laminated sheet.”


  1. AJ’s Excellent Service: Consistent Excellence “Once again, I am going to tell you how wonderful and great and perfect AJ is. They just do their stuff and make sure to ask if we want anything else done and get to work.”


  1. Leci Made Our Home Shine: A Christmas Gift to Remember “I loved the service! Thank you so much for having Leci come out and make our home shine. It was a great experience. This was our Christmas gift for the household this year, and I hope we can book again.”


  1. Non-Toxic Cleaning with Angie My Cleaner: A Breath of Fresh Air “I hired Angie My Cleaner after seeing an Instagram ad, and they were so great! I hired them for a one-time clean. I appreciate the communication, punctuality, and attention to detail. They were very upfront about pricing and policy, which I also very much appreciate. The best part of all – non-toxic cleaning! Thank you for your service. I will book again!”


  1. Wonderful Team Led by Angie: Pet-Friendly and Prompt “Angie and her team are wonderful to work with! Pricing was upfront, and I was on the schedule within a few weeks. I had a deep clean done, and there were 4 ladies who took care of the job. They were prompt, friendly, tolerant of my dogs and cat, and the house looked and smelled wonderful!”

These latest testimonials reflect the heart of Angie My Cleaner. Our dedication to professionalism, pet-friendly services, and the power of non-toxic cleaning ensures that your home not only shines but is also a healthy and safe environment for your loved ones.

Ready to Experience the Magic? Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment and witness the transformative effects of eco-friendly cleaning with Angie My Cleaner.

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